Enzo Piglionica


Director, born in 1973, he trained first in drawing then in photography until he landed on video. The approach to audiovisual creation is strengthened by the experience as a designer and photographer, and embellished by a lucid vision of the narrative structure that has matured from his decades of activity as an editor and later as an author. With the intention of transforming his artistic experiences into a profession, he founded Vertigo imaging in 2001, a company dedicated to offering services related to visual creativity for advertising, cinema, television and publishing. Over the years he has had the opportunity to establish himself as an author by venturing into numerous music videos and small film productions. Among the main clients: EMI, Universal Music, Sony, Fandango. In 2004 he began the collaboration with the artist Caparezza which leads to the award for best music DVD of the year at the MEI in Faenza (Caparezza-In Supposta Veritas, 2005 © EMI/Virgin music) and continues with the video clip “I will become someone” (2009 © EMI) up to the series of promos The Boias (2011 © Universal music) for the release of the album “Il Sogno Eretico”. In music he multiplies his direction by collaborating with independent artists such as Roy Paci (“Nuntereggaepiù” 2011© Sony), Guy Portoghese (“Ain’t nobody here but us chickens” 2009 © Just Play Music). In the documentary field, of particular relevance are “Interview with Paolo Portoghesi”, commissioned by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Bari, and “Pietre di Puglia”, presented within the Venice Biennale – X Architecture Exhibition. During 2014 various awards awarded the film Bella di Papà bringing it, among other things, to the final of the Nastri d’Argento in the short film section.