In this section you can send us an idea at any stage of development or a finished product (short film, documentary, serial work). We will carefully view all your materials to understand if we can walk along together. Follow the guidelines below and fill out the form with all the requested data.

Submit ideas, subjects, scripts

The submission consists of three steps:

1. Send us a logline (maximum 300 characters spaces included), a pitch (maximum 800 characters spaces included), a synopsis (maximum 2000 characters spaces included, containing the summary of the story from the start to the end; if you don’t have an ending in your mind yet, just tell us without any problems). Remember to indicate at what point the development of the story is, that is if you have written a subject, a treatment, a script or a pilot.

2. If your materials catches our attention, we’ll ask you to send us a subject (minimum 5, maximum 12 folders, not exceeding 20.000 characters spaces included). If you haven’t written the subject yet, we’ll talk about the basic idea. 

3. If you have already written the film screenplay, after reading the subject we’ll ask you to send us the script.

We only read and consider works that have been registered and protected (SIAE/Writers Guild of America/Patamu). If you haven’t registered your work yet, you can do it on Patamu. Remember to indicate the registration number of your work and where you made the deposit (SIAE/Writers Guild of America/Patamu).

Submit movies

For all audiovisual products, Vimeo or Youtube links or other platforms on which the work can be viewed are welcome. Insert alongside the link a password (if protected), a logline (maximum 200 characters) and a short synopsis (maximum 500 characters: it is not necessary to indicate the ending).

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