Daniele Suraci


Daniele Suraci was born in Palmi on June 30, 1982. After classical high school diploma, he begins a path of film studies: moved to Rome he obtains a diploma in film directing and writing at the Libera Università del Cinema di Roma, making a short film from title “Come muoiono le foglie” awarded by numerous prizes in National territory. He works on film sets as an assistant director: initially to the two Roman directors Manetti Bros, then to the set of “Il grande sogno” by Michele Placido, based on the SKY fiction “MOANA”. He continues his training by obtaining a degree in screenwriting film in a course organized by “Tracce”. He writes and directs a new short film entitled “La terra”, selected in numerous international festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand. He realizes video clips for musical groups, passing on thematic television channels music such as MTV. He writes the script for a new project of short film entitled “Il passo della lumaca” which wins the special mention at the Rodolfo Sonego Award. The script becomes short film then it was selected and awarded in various festivals around the world. The short film is bought by SKY, who will air it on the Diva Universal channel for one year. He participates in the workshop of Filmmaking in Reggio Calabria, coordinated by director Fabio Mollo making a multi-direction short film entitled “Cosa Vedi”, presented at the 63rd Venice Film Festival. His latest work is the short film “U Scantu”, produced by Nardis production srl and supported by MIBAcT and Calabria Film Commission.