Where does your passion for cinema come from? How did you know it was the right path for you?

My passion for movies began when I was little and I used to watch Truffaut’s movie with my mother and italian style comedy with my father. I’ve started to discover the art of cinema by spending hours inside a Blockbuster. I didn’t realize immediately that it was my path.
I’ve always been passionate about art and photography and after my photography degree I realized that I was really captivated by the motion images so I decided that the CSC was the right place for me to study and try to make it my job.

What roadblocks did you face along your path?

The biggest roadblocks that I’ve faced, and I continue to face, are the ones related to the production phase. It’s hard to find funds and tenders to partecipate in.

What impact do you think the pandemic had on the future of the film industry?

Covid knocked out all the industry. I think that it also made people more accustomed to the use of OTT platforms and I find it really sad: the theater experience is the best way to appreciate a movie.

Red Couch - Tecchiaioli
Tecchiaioli – Alessio Salvini – 2019

What or who has inspired the most your development as a filmmaker?

I’ve always loved european cinema. Tarkovskij, Von Trier, Antonioni, Bergman, De Seta and Rosi are certainly my biggest influence. Right now I also enjoy browsing for ideas by getting to know young documentary filmmakers on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo.

How do you feel about our Red Couch platform, designed for young filmmakers and their experimentation?

I think that Red Couch is a beautiful and necessary project because it gives the opportunity to young filmmakers to travel the world with their projects by also giving them the right support during all the production process.