Gabriele Nardis


Gabriele Nardis was born in L’Aquila on December 24th 1984. After the scientific maturity begins his film studies: he graduated from the DAMS of Roma Tre, with a grade of 110 cum laude, with a thesis on “Vermeer’s iconographic imagery in Peter Greenaway’s cinema he attends a script writing course at Oxford Brookes University; he specializes as “Shooting and editing technician” in the Lazio regional course and then graduating from the Free University of Cinema in Rome, with the short film “Alain è qui”, finalist in several festivals cinematographic. In 2012 he attended the “Film Product Development” course of the Asforcinema dell’Anica. He has worked as a videomaker, cameraman and video editor for private individuals, cultural associations and companies. He ran a film lab for inmates the Juvenile Penal Institute of L’Aquila; he directed two documentaries on the L’Aquila earthquake: “Silence in the mirror: fragments of a collective nightmare” and “Lost Identities: the villages of L’Aquila earthquake “; he signed the backstage editing of the film “Notizie degli scavi” by Emidio Greco; he directed a multimedia laboratory in elementary schools on the subject “Citizenship and Constitution”, receiving the “Diregiovani, direfuturo 2011” award. With the screenplay for the short film “Una vecchia harmonica” won the Vincenzo di Leave award and the special mention of the Rodolfo Sonego 2011 award. In 2013 the realization of the Lao short film, produced by Peperonitto Film. Short film that has already received the “Best Short Film Award” of the Kolkata Short International Film Festival, and was selected in several national and international film festivals, being screened in the U.S.A, in Canada, in Europe, Russia, India and South Korea. In 2014, “Lao” enters the final five of the David di Donatello 2014, in the “Best Short Film” section. In August 2014, Gabriele Nardis and his cousin, Isabella Nardis, founded Nardis Production s.r.l, film production company, from the surname of the partners and from the reference to the song “Nardis” by Miles Davis.