In our industry, collaboration is essential to achieve ambitious goals. We are proud to be able to collaborate with institutions, festivals and media that care so much about film culture.


The Italian Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual of the Italian Ministry of Culture is in charge of public functions and duties related to the Film Industry, its mandate entails the promotion, the development, the production, the protection and the dissemination of Italian Cinema.This mission is deeply connected to the nature of one of the most innovative forms of Italian cultural expression – motion picture – based on the need of consolidating the paramount role of this sector in creating and preserving national and local cultural identity.

The branch office of the National School of Cinema in Abruzzo was established in 2011 thanks to the agreement signed with the Abruzzo Region, the Province and Municipality of L’Aquila and the Mibact. The educational offer is realized through a three-year degree course to train young people who want to acquire technical, artistic and professional skills in the field of audiovisual communication.


Among the most long-standing events in Italy dedicated to independent cinema and one of the most important in Southern Italy. A significant and demanding festival, increasingly taking a prominent role on the international stage, which preserves the importance of the present-day lesson passed down by its long-time founders and entrusting it to young generations so that they can face today’s reality with the same lucid and visionary madness of those who, more than half a century ago, gave birth to the Laceno d’oro.

The online Festival, born from the needs emerged in this period of deep changes and pressing social restrictions arising from the pandemic. With a monthly online format, Garofano Rosso wants to go beyond the limitations, break the walls and make the curtains bloom again, with cinema and its flow between people’s conciences.


The travelling festival of film culture linked to the mountain theme, to the rediscovery of inland areas and to the crossings on foot. Up like the the mountains tops, Up like the starry sky, Up like our gaze when we watch a film on a cinema screen. An exhibition spread over the whole national territory, with particular attention to internal areas which are in the process of depopulation.


The exhibition of art documentaries of the city of Avellino, organized by the “Godot Art Bistrot” and the association “Big Old Fish” with the support of the main cinematographic realities present on the territory: “Zia Lidia Social Club”, “Circolo ImmaginAzione” and “Centro Donna” as well as “Zelig”, the documentary film school in Bolzano.

The film Festival that includes the citizenry, for an active participation in the name of passion for cinema and care of environmental issues. Now in its fifth edition, it combines the discovery of the films in competition with the evening screenings of international successes, always under the sign of environmental awareness.


Independent production company founded in 2014 by Gabriele Sabatino Nardis and Isabella Nardis. The mission is to develop and produce feature films, short films and documentaries directed by young directors esteemed all over the world. In 2014, the short film “Lao” was among the five finalists candidates for the David di Donatello awards.


Cultural association that promotes the culture of cinema and audiovisual in all its forms. It organizes exhibitions, screenings and events related to the world of cinema; it creates video products and tells stories in a personal and delicate way. It is also interested in creating video products, telling stories in a personal and delicate way.


A web platform that brings together varoious professional figures who work in Abruzzo in the cinematographic field, to promote the creation of a certain, strong and active cultural and economic fabric around the industry and which allows those who work in this territory to show and represent themselves in a complete and deep way. An international artistic residency, to combine culture, art and evironment in one of the most varied and complete naturalistic contexts in Italy.

Lizard is an independent agency specialized in development of digital products and services for startups and companies. The Avezzano-based company is specialized in design and development of digital solutions that have an impact in the real world. Lizard supports companies in positioning theme selves and growing in the market with a high valuable consulting, technical and strategic support.

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