We are happy to welcome you!

Our project is finally online. We have worked tirelessly to create this international distribution platform, specialized in promotion and distribution of documentaries, short movies and TV shows.

Sitting on this red couch you’ll find us: Luigi Cuomo, Gabriele Nardis and Paolo Santamaria.

Our experience has pushed us to create this great project, a shared space in which we develop and follow every aspect of the filmmaking process: from communication, through the visual phase, up to the distribution. Red Couch Pictures is born to meet the needs of all international young filmmakers to have a place on a new digital platform and obtain exposure for themselves and their creations.

We know all about the obstacles that every first-time filmmaker encounters along his path. That’s why we are not gonna leave you alone: ​​we are truly excited to accompany you on this adventure by offering you an innovative vision that will project you on the international market, thanks to our omnichannel approach and our in-depth knowledge of the cinema network’s dynamics.

Thanks to Red Couch Pictures you will have an high-tech tool at your disposal to increase the appeal of your project; our platform will work to create a specific and active network that can provide services for all national and international companies.

Red Couch Pictures represents a real innovation in the movie industry and it has already met with great approval from field’s professionals. In fact, one of the first authors distributed by Red Couch is Guilherme Gehr, Brazilian director and creator of S.A.D – The Movie, an animated short movie with an Italian-Brazilian production that combines an excellent work of digital animation with the powerful soundtrack created by the Italian artist Dardust. The movie, already world-premiered at the Mi Sci-Fi in Miami, was subsequently distributed in the most important European and international festivals including the Bifff Festival in Brussels, the Fastnet Film Festival and the Fantaspoa.

Take a seat on our couch. No! Not that… that’s our place!