Valerio Burli


Director, screenwriter and editor graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Sede Abruzzo in Film Reportage. His graduation documentary “Lupen, romanzo di una ladro reale” was a small case abroad thanks to some Vice Magazine articles. In 2017 he won the prize for best national short film at the Fabrique du Cinema Awards with the work “Freddo dentro”, with a jury chaired by actor Willem Dafoe. In the same year he made the 35 mm film “A hundred years” at the “Terre di Cinema” film residence. He continued with some commissioned shorts such as “Burning Tape”, broadcasted on Rai as part of the collective film “Bowienext”, and “Roma non è un gioco”, with the extraordinary participation of Stefano Fresi. He worked as a backstage operator for the Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn and helped the legendary Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro in the creation of the book “Storia della Cinematografia”. He often works with international productions as assistant director and was a professor of Film-making at the American Campus “IES Abroad” in Rome. He is now a finalist with a project for a TV series with “La Bottega della Sceneggiatura”, the Solinas and Netflix Prize initiative, selected from more than 400 projects.